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Luma Financial Technologies Introduces Unique Replacement Analysis for Annuity Products via New “Luma Compare” Feature

Luma’s cutting-edge platform sets the bar as the most comprehensive annuity replacement comparison tool in market for financial advisors around the world

Cincinnati, OH, December 8, 2021Luma Financial Technologies (“Luma”), the world’s top independent and most objective, multi-issuer structured products and annuities platform, is pleased to announce annuity replacement analysis within their state-of-the-art comparison tool, “Luma Compare”.

This new feature supplies advanced analytics for financial advisors to compare a client’s existing annuity product features, fees and values to a proposed annuity product replacement, including 1035 exchanges, using a more personalized approach. This includes analysis that takes current and future market scenarios into consideration, as well as tailored breakdowns specific to an individual’s current income and death benefits available to them in their existing product.  

“In order for an advisor to determine the most suitable annuity product for their individual clients, it is essential to look beyond the headline features and fees of a product and drill down deeper into the analytics and specific client benefits,” said Keith Burger, Head of Distribution at Luma Financial Technologies. “Important information that was often overlooked and hard to identify is now seamlessly available on our platform for advisors to efficiently and confidently conduct replacement analysis that accurately provides them with a full picture, and compliance documentation, of the most suitable solutions that fit their clients individual risk profiles.” 

The new replacement analysis for annuity products can also be customized based on a firm’s suitability criteria, further ensuring compliance standards. Through historical data and future projections, Luma Compare offers advisors consistent, simple, and customized solutions with a higher level of accuracy.

The Luma platform, which supports some of the world’s largest wealth management firms as clients, originated to serve the structured product marketplace in 2018 and quickly gained the largest market share of structured product transaction volume in the U.S. In February 2021, Luma made the leap into the annuities market and has since been leading the charge on revolutionizing the space through their advanced comparison features.

“Our platform is helping to significantly provide better transparency and education for advisors, and in turn, better ensure favorable results for their clients,” said Tim Bonacci, CEO & President of Luma Financial Technologies. “We expect that the personalized comparison functionality we now feature on the annuities side of the platform will have a transformational impact on the industry as a whole. Advisors can now rest assured that the annuity products they recommend can help clients achieve the most fitting and suitable solutions for their individual portfolio objectives. This is paramount to helping advisors reach a new level of value-add and to stand out in what has become a crowded profession.”

For more information on Luma’s pioneering comparison feature, visit the replacement analysis page on Luma’s website.

About Luma Financial Technologies

Luma Financial Technologies is the creator of Luma, a fully customizable, independent, buy-side technology platform that helps financial teams more efficiently learn, create, order, and manage market-linked investments such as structured products, structured annuities and more.

Launched in 2011, Luma is one of the largest and longest-tenured structured product platforms in the U.S. market and is used by broker/dealer firms, RIA offices and private banks to automate and optimize the full process cycle for offering and transacting in market-linked investments. This includes education and certification; creation and pricing of custom structures; order entry; and post-trade actions. Luma is multi-issuer, multi-wholesaler and multi-product, thus providing teams with an extensive breadth of market-linked investments to best meet clients’ specific portfolio needs.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, Luma also has offices in New York, NY, Zurich, Switzerland, and Chile. For more information, please visit Luma’s website, or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.