Annuity Replacement Analysis

Annuity Replacement Analysis

Luma Compare’s most recent enhancement, replacement analysis for annuity products, provides advanced analytics for financial advisors to compare a client’s existing annuity product to a proposed annuity product replacement, including 1035 exchanges, using a more customized approach.

Find personalized annuity solutions for each of your clients:

Compare product features, fees and values for annuity replacement across a series of future market scenarios. Analysis is tailored to the end client with specific focus on existing product income and death benefits for potential replacement.

Customized Annuity Solutions

Every client and situation are unique, and proposed financial solutions should match those specific objectives. With side-by-side comparisons in a uniform format, advisors can more easily find and document the most appropriate solutions for various client needs.

By offering consistent, simple, and customized solutions with a higher level of accuracy through advanced data and analytics, Luma Compare allows greater confidence for advisors and clients with each recommendation.

In the Media

Luma, the world’s top independent and most objective, multi-issuer structured products and annuities platform, is pleased to announce annuity replacement analysis within the state-of-the-art comparison tool, Luma Compare.

Announcement Video

Hear from Luma Financial Technologies President & CEO Tim Bonacci about how our new annuity replacement analysis feature can illuminate the most appropriate solutions for clients.

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