Discover Your All-In-One Annuity Platform

Explore a digitized annuity solution focused on increasing transparency and objectivity, all while ensuring compliance requirements in the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Simplified Annuity Transactions

  • Unlock market-leading digital education and training
  • Compare rates, riders, and product features to make the most informed decisions for your clients
  • Eliminate disjointed processes and manual checks & balances to streamline the sales process
  • Gain access to annuities through Luma’s carrier-neutral platform
  • Ensure products are chosen with clients’ best interests in mind

Gain the Edge with Luma

Use Luma to learn, order, configure, and track annuities in one place to present the best solutions to clients.

Meet Rising Client Demands

Investors are seeking risk-managed solutions that can provide a more predictable investing experience during periods of heightened uncertainty and volatile markets.

Increase Trust and Confidence

Differentiate yourself from the competition through Luma's technology and provide a superior client experience.

Boost Your Annuity Business

Review current rates and product information on available annuities to replace the tedious process of gathering insights from multiple carrier channels.

Your End-to-End Annuity Solutions Platform

Engaging educational content

NAIC carrier product training

Carrier marketing materials to help advisors explain the benefits of annuities

Extensive data across entire annuity shelf, including rates, riders, and product profiles

Configurable product features and options

Predictive analytics and carrier illustrations

Seamless order entry system

Client-level performance reports

Email and text alerts for important client and product milestones

Integration of new and existing annuity business for single-source tracking

Luma Compare: Annuities

Luma Compare streamlines product discovery by empowering advisors to instantly compare and test different annuity products including VA, FIA & RILA, ensuring they are offering the most suitable solution to their client.

Configuration Made Simple

The Annuity Product Configuration feature allows advisors to tailor product features and options to ensure the product best meets the needs of their clients.

Once features and options are selected, the advisor can use Luma’s proprietary predictive analytics to better understand how a product may perform for their client.

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