Annuity Comparison Tool

Annuity Simplification Starts Here

Luma Compare: Annuities is a comparison tool that removes the challenge of product discovery by empowering advisors to instantly compare and test different annuity products including VA, FIA & RILA, ensuring they are offering the most suitable solution to their client.

Suitability and Compliance

Advisors and regulatory leaders want to, and in many cases are required to do, what is in the best interest of their clients to help them meet or exceed their financial goals and expectations. Luma Compare is leading the way in the industry through its innovative data modeling and third-party integrations that allow financial professionals to instantly discover and test new products, easily review a diverse set of annuity products, and within a few simple clicks, deliver superior service to their clients while remaining compliant with suitability and best interest requirements.


Examine annuities across product types and carriers.


Analyze historical performance of indices with current rates to discover the optimal allocation for your client.


Compare income rider performance in different market scenarios, the effects of market step-ups and fee drag.

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