Monitor and Analyze Portfolio Performance with Lifecycle Manager

Unlock innovative features designed to aid in assessing investment opportunities, tracking product events, and managing transactions post-trade. Lifecycle Manager empowers you to make more informed investment decisions leading to better client outcomes.

Technology-Driven Portfolio Management

Leverage our on-demand analytics and interactive display to analyze post-trade and prospective transactions.

State-of-the-art data analytics help make sure you never miss out on a post-sale opportunity for your clients.

Calendar and email integration available to ensure you are up to date on product activity.

Tailor the dashboard to make your workflow more efficient with easier navigation between accounts.

Lifecycle Manager Features

Unique visual charts can be used to assess your portfolio’s total exposure to different markets. Multiple options are available such as such as issuer, product type, asset type, and more.

All products on the Luma platform contain a product page with key data and metrics detailing performance over specified timeframes. Data can be easily filtered into interactive charts to give insights into portfolio activity.

Create an even more personalized experience with customizable filters that allow you to tailor your dashboard for easy navigation between accounts. Built with scale and efficiency in mind, you can do more in less time.

On-Demand Investment and Portfolio Data

Access robust performance reporting and advanced portfolio analytics anytime, anywhere.

Optimize Your Workflow Through Intuitive Navigation

Luma’s cutting-edge technology empowers financial professionals with an exceptionally personalized experience. Advanced filtering and configurable dashboards ensure seamless navigation across all accounts.



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