Design and Execute Custom Deals with Creation Hub

Luma’s Creation Hub offers a digitized experience for financial professionals to effortlessly design, price, and transact tailored investment solutions for their clients.

Redefining Price Discovery

Experience unparalleled price discovery with Creation Hub. Luma provides access to comprehensive issuer automatic pricing, enhanced by Monte-Carlo analysis for precise insights. Ditch the guesswork and embrace data-driven decision-making.

Configure your note based on the underliers and terms that best suit your clients' investment objectives.

Optimize your workflow with Luma's automated execution, streamlining bulk pricing requests for maximum time savings.

Efficiently manage requests by submitting directly to issuers and track responses through a centralized location.

Automated Pricing Technology: API

Through API integration, automated pricing allows instant price discovery. Click the link below to learn more.

Improved Control and Compliance

Creation Hub is fully-customizable to meet your firm’s bespoke compliance needs. Through role-based access and entitlements, configurable workflows can be setup to match clients’ internal requirements.

At every step, Luma keeps an archive of audit logs, reports and notifications that can be exported with the click of a button, simplifying the delivery and presentation of critical documents.

Creation Hub Features

Luma’s Creation Hub streamlines custom deal creation, replacing manual processes with an automated workflow.

Easily see product pricing structures with a side-by-side review of all quotes.

Access to over a dozen leading issuers for competitive bidding.

Role-based access and entitlements ensure specific processes and reviews remain intact.

Luma’s file management system directly integrates into compliance and document workflows.

One platform to manage all requests and communication between clients and issuers.

Easily create a monthly issues list that can be uploaded and automatically sent out to issuers for review.

Luma’s analytic features provide on-demand objective analysis on all pricing iterations, reducing the time required to create, assess, and print custom deals.



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