Automated Pricing Technology: API

Superior Automated Pricing Technology

Through API integration, automated pricing allows advisors to instantly price various products, maximizing speed and efficiency in our Creation Hub product.

Price Discovery Within Seconds

Previously a time-consuming and disjointed process, automated pricing simplifies the structured product investment business for financial advisors.

Greater Speed

Near real-time responses from various issuers increases the speed that advisors can review potential products for clients, decreasing turnaround time and improving the ability to customize the right product as needed.

Better Efficiency

By eliminating the manual process of exchanging emails, phone calls, messaging apps, etc., advisors can maximize their productivity while still providing the best solutions to their clients with fully customized offerings.

Increased Transparency

Feel confident as a trusted advisor with full transparency to the pricing through direct interaction with the product providers through Luma Create.

Powered by API Technology

Rather than waiting for various issuers to price products individually, Luma is connecting directly to issuer data, which additionally decreases the possibility of human error.

Application Programming Interface (API) seamlessly connects data and devices to allow direct interaction and communication between networks. This enables organizations to automate business processes and enhance the sharing of data between various applications and systems.

Media Announcement

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Message from Luma's CEO, Tim Bonacci

See the announcement video from Luma’s President and CEO, Tim Bonacci.

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