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Luma Financial Technologies is the go-to partner for financial professionals who value transparency, objectivity, and ease of use in their investment management tools. Discover innovative solutions to accessing alternative investments.

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Luma delivers a fully customizable, independent buy-side technology solution to effortlessly discover, research, purchase, and manage alternative investments with unparalleled efficiency.

Balanced & unbiased investment marketplace

Fully customizable experience

Buy-side focus

Compliance and suitability configurations

Ongoing and personalized support

Industry-leading innovation & solutions

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Learn how to leverage structured products and annuities

Unlock market-leading digital education & training resources

Satisfy compliance mandates through training-linked access

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Create custom deals and take ownership of the entire price discovery process

Effortlessly design & price tailored investment solutions

On-demand analytics to optimize client transactions

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Customizable order entry system, built for efficiency, speed, and compliance

Instantly select and compare a wide range of investments

Innovative data modeling and insights to evaluate structured products and annuities

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Monitor transactions from one centralized location

Automated notifications so you never miss a product lifecycle event

Quickly download post-trade documentation and performance reports

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