Product Marketplace

Expand your offerings and increase your efficiencies

Product Marketplace presents an approved set of products to financial
professionals that are generated directly from a diverse group of issuing institutions. The platform allows these Luma clients to efficiently search for, compare and subsequently order the desired products for their clients. Product Marketplace has been designed to address the needs of advisors, trade desks, product management and compliance groups – all with the goal of improving accuracy, timeliness, simplicity and suitability across all orders.

Instant Product Access and Customizable Order System

Through Luma, financial professionals can easily select, configure and place orders within minutes. This fully-customizable system can setup to meet your unique needs with a rules-based suitability/compliance engine, bulk management functionality, and an admin center to take full control over your product offerings.

Enhanced Compliance Support Functionality

To support compliance, Luma can be configured to only show products that are approved by the financial professional’s firm. In addition, Product Marketplace also works seamlessly with Learning Center to ensure advisors only see the types of products for which they have completed their certification. This two-pronged approach – product approval at the firm level and product certification at the advisor level – is how Luma ensures suitability.