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Luma Financial Technologies adds Marex Financial Products to platform

7 December 2021 – Luma Financial Technologies, the independent, multi-issuer structured products and annuities platform, has today announced that structured product issuer Marex Financial Products has selected to join the platform.

Marex Financial Products is a structured product issuer and part of the Marex Group, a leading global commodities specialist, founded in 2005. Marex offers a fully customisable derivative solutions service, and a manufacturing platform that enables low cost, highly flexible structured product issuance.

The company’s product suite ranges from index autocalls to specific and innovative designs, such as Bitcoin and cryptoasset-linked structured products.

Marex Financial Products will also connect to Luma’s automatic pricing API, enabling it to respond to price requests automatically and enhancing efficiency in the issuance process and therefore offering a more competitive price.

“Marex is an innovative issuer, and we are thrilled to be able to offer this new generation of structured products on the Luma platform,” said David Wood, Managing Director of Luma’s International Business. “The addition of Marex highlights Luma’s ability to bring diversity to markets, enabling clients from Asia to Latin America to access products from pioneering issuers across the world.”

“We are delighted to be joining the Luma platform and look forward to working closely with David and his team to bring our structured products to clients globally,” said Joost Burgerhout, Head of Financial Products at Marex. “Partnering with Luma enables us to access the firm’s extensive client base, marrying both firms’ strong technology platforms, which in turn will allow us to issue our products to market faster and more efficiently.”

The news follows Luma’s announcement of a white labelling service for clients both in Europe and globally.

Luma added issuers Finanzlab and Dynamic Capital Group to the platform in June and July, respectively.

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About Luma Financial Technologies

Luma Financial Technologies is the creator of Luma, a fully customizable, independent, buy-side platform that helps financial advisors more efficiently learn, create, order and manage market-linked investments such as structured products, structured annuities and more.

Launched in 2011, Luma is one of the largest and longest-tenured structured product platforms in the U.S. market and is used by broker/dealer firms, RIA offices and private banks to automate and optimize the full process cycle for offering and transacting in market-linked investments. This includes advisor education and certification; creation and pricing of custom structures; order entry; and post-trade actions. Luma is multi-issuer, multi-wholesaler and multi-product, thus providing advisors with an extensive breadth of market-linked investments to best meet clients’ specific portfolio needs.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, Luma also has offices in New York, NY, and Zurich, Switzerland.