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LIBRA Insurance Partners Announces Partnership with Luma Financial Technologies to Enhance Annuity Distribution Experience

This press release originated from LIBRA Insurance Partners.

BALTIMORE, June 6, 2024 LIBRA Insurance Partners, the largest independently owned life insurance marketing organization (IMO) in the U.S., is proud to announce a partnership with Luma Financial Technologies (“Luma”). Luma’s award-winning technology provides cutting-edge annuity solutions, and this collaboration equips LIBRA’s partner firms with the tools needed to meet the increasing demand for modern annuity offerings.

Luma’s annuity platform, known for its end-to-end annuity solutions capabilities, will be accessible to LIBRA’s partner firms beginning June 12, 2024. This partnership democratizes advanced technology traditionally reserved for the largest brokerage houses, further expanding Luma’s reach within independent insurance distribution networks.

“Our partnership with Luma will allow LIBRA partner firms to tap into one of the most dynamic platforms in market that is known for meeting the needs of financial advisors, independent agents, benefits brokers and more who seek to satisfy the ever-growing demand for modern annuity solutions,” said Jon Jacobs, Senior Vice President of Business Development at LIBRA. “We’re excited to offer our partners access to Luma and are confident this will enhance their ability to provide exceptional service with great accuracy and regulatory compliance.”

LIBRA’s partner firms will benefit from Luma’s industry-leading tools that include product-centric learning features, a comprehensive annuity product marketplace, product comparison functionality, predictive analytics and carrier illustrations, seamless order entry, and entire lifecycle management capabilities. This collaboration will drive best-in-class solutions to advisors and their clients, reinforcing LIBRA’s mission to bring innovation and value to its partners.

Jay Charles, Director of Annuity Products at Luma Financial Technologies, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We’re thrilled to bring Luma’s seamless annuity experience to LIBRA partner firms, providing best-in-class tools so they can serve their clients personalized annuity needs at the highest of levels. As demand for modern annuity solutions continues to increase, a digitized environment that increases transparency and objectivity is paramount for success. We look forward to supporting LIBRA’s partner firms in delivering superior service and effective solutions to their clients.”

LIBRA selected Luma for its commitment to supporting the independent insurance distribution network. This alignment with LIBRA’s core mission emphasizes the importance of innovation and value in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

“This partnership marks another step in LIBRA’s dedication to driving value for our partners who are leading in independent insurance distribution,” said William (Bill) Shelow, CLU®, ChFC®, CPCU®, LLIF, President and CEO of LIBRA. “We continue to take a proactive stance on new technology to deliver unparalleled service and compliance solutions.”

With a mission to be the preeminent marketing organization in the country, LIBRA Insurance Partners offers agency partners greater operating efficiencies, enhanced technological capabilities, and an expanded lineup of affiliated carriers and reinsurers. Specifically, LIBRA is focused on adding value to its partners and driving quality business to its carriers, guided by three strategic pillars:  

  1. Differentiate resources and experiences for our partner agencies:  
  2. Proprietary processing tools and platforms for quick quotes and informals  
  3. Exclusive access to a dedicated medical director   
  4. Proprietary product analysis, white papers, and benchmarking tools   
  5. Invitations to exclusive training resources and events   
  6. Best practices and idea sharing at all meetings  
  7. Deliver proprietary programs, processes, and products to differentiate our partners:  
  8. Partner-owned and producer-accessible reinsurance company (RGA)  
  9. Exclusive facultative underwriting program with RGA Create uniquely aligned, strategic relationships with carriers  
  10. Carrier SLA/Throughput tool  
  11. Exclusive compensation programs   

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About LIBRA Insurance Partners (LIBRA)    

LIBRA Insurance Partners is an insurance marketing organization dedicated to serving independent insurance producers, brokers, and financial institutions. Formerly known as LifeMark Partners and BRAMCO Financial Resources, and through the merger with Insurance Designers of America (IDA) in 2022, the firm exists to leverage strategic relationships, expertise, and innovation to expand life insurance distribution for the benefit of all stakeholders. LIBRA Insurance Partners is dedicated to the ongoing development and enhancement of resources to differentiate partner agencies from the competition. Its firms benefit from robust proprietary service offerings, unparalleled partnership, product expertise, and access to industry-leading technologies and tools, including expansive underwriting support resources. To learn more about becoming a LIBRA partner firm, visit or call (410) 837-3022.  

About Luma Financial Technologies    

Founded in 2018, Luma Financial Technologies (“Luma”) has pioneered a cutting-edge fintech software platform that has been adopted by broker/dealer firms, RIA offices, and private banks around the world. By using Luma, institutional and retail investors have a fully customizable, independent, buy-side technology platform that helps financial teams more efficiently research, purchase, and manage alternative investments as well as annuities.

Luma gives these users the ability to oversee the full, end-to-end process lifecycle by offering a suite of solutions. These include education resources and training materials; creation and pricing of custom structured products; electronic order entry; and post-trade management. By prioritizing transparency and ease of use, Luma is a multi-issuer, multi-wholesaler, and multi-product option that advisors can utilize to best meet their clients’ specific portfolio needs. Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, Luma also has offices in New York, NY, Zurich, Switzerland, and Miami, FL. For more information, please visit Luma’s website or follow us on LinkedIn.