Unlock New Value with Alternative Investment Management Software

Written by Chris Olson on Nov 22, 2021

As a financial advisor, day-to-day decision making on behalf of your clients can be a daunting task as the investment industry is as competitive as ever. Advisors are tasked with conducting the proper due diligence to provide clients with the most suitable investment solutions that meet their needs and goals, which is much easier said than done. Because of this, advisors might often rely on traditional asset classes they already understand and are comfortable with, such as equities and fixed income.

But what if there was a way to efficiently and effectively tap into a new asset class that can provide clients with unrealized value? Would you step outside your comfort zone to break free from traditional 60/40 portfolios in order to provide better service and portfolio management to your clients?

The alternative asset class has existed for a long time, but it has historically been overshadowed by its equity and fixed income brethren. Alternative investments provide an opportunity for increased portfolio diversification, reducing overall risk exposure across investments, as well as the potential long-term sustainable gains. In fact, many alternative assets also provide a hedge against inflation, which is timely given our current market environment.

For the longest time, investors have lacked the proper education and comfortability level to transact in the space. However, as the rise of technology and the emergence of alternative investment management software has simplified the alternative investment process, as has demand for alternatives to be included as part of a properly balanced portfolios. Software solutions now enable advisors to conduct proper research management, as well as transact products in real time, track fund lifecycle, and improve investor reporting.

Advisors who embrace the rise of new technology in the alternative space, such as Luma’s completely objective, cutting-edge platform, are essentially unlocking a greater value add to seamlessly realize and bring forward to their clients. The opportunity to provide differentiated value is there, but the question is are you willing to take it?

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