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Lifecycle Manager Maximizes Efficiency When Transacting Alternative Investments

Time is money. It’s a saying we’ve all heard many times. Largely, in part, because it’s true; now more than ever before. The speed at which information travels is critical, especially when market turbulence in one part of the world can trigger a ripple effect that travels across global markets in mere seconds. Manual paperwork, long email threads, and phone calls are rarely sufficient ways to do business in today’s digital age. Given how fast information moves in the 21st century, using antiquated technology could mean getting stuck playing catch-up. Even minor delays can have detrimental impacts on a client’s portfolio and that’s why speed matters. For financial advisors, it’s essential to have state-of-the-art technology that allows you to keep up with today’s business pace. Luma understands these needs and prioritizes them by equipping clients with cutting-edge fintech designed to move at the rapid clip of a world becoming more reliant on digitization every day.

One crucial component of Luma’s award-winning fintech platform that champions ways advisors can save time from pre- to post-trade is Lifecycle Manager. With this solution, advisors have access to a pathway specifically designed to make the process of purchasing, tracking, assessing, managing, and monitoring trades into a seamless workflow that can all be accomplished in one place. This ability to oversee the full, end-to-end development of alternative investment transactions gives advisors more control by offering easy navigation, advanced data visualizations, and interactive analytics. As financial professionals look for new ways to pivot in response to economic changes, Lifecycle Manager can be the perfect answer for those who want to be able to react quickly in the face of market volatility and ultimately provide their clients with peace of mind.

What is Lifecycle Manager?
Luma’s Lifecycle Manager is a revolutionary component of the Luma platform that offers advisors a comprehensive portfolio management tool with features designed to aid in assessing investment opportunities, tracking product events, visualizing product performance, and managing transactions, all in one place. This centralized management hub utilizes Luma’s innovative software so advisors are empowered to make more informed investment decisions which leads to better client outcomes. Key features that set Lifecycle Manager apart are the ability to a) send out event notifications for product activities or opportunities of particular interest, b) instantly generate up-to-date performance reports, and c) provide interactive data visualizations. The result is that advisors now have access to a one-stop shop that saves time by making their workflows more efficient.

How exactly does Lifecycle Manager save time?
Advisors spend far too much time tracking down crucial data on the suitability of different investment vehicles so they can make the best possible decisions for their clients in short timeframes. Lifecycle Manager is a one-stop shop for managing alternative investment needs, pre- to post-trade, that understands the importance of saving time. With access to all product performance and activity resources in a single location, Lifecycle Manager eliminates the need to click through multiple platforms just to complete one transaction. It also simplifies tracking and monitoring performance activity. In addition to the localization of related trade components, Lifecycle Manager provides seamless navigation through all transaction phases, from researching to analyzing to tracking, with a suite of customizable tools at their fingertips.

How can advisors use Lifecycle Manager to diversify their portfolio allocations?
Look at recent market trends and you’ll see plenty of reasons for investors to be concerned about the sustainability of a traditional 60/40 portfolio allocation. Advisors who want to be well-prepared should have a different option on hand that embraces diversification as a way to protect their clients’ investments. Alternative investments have emerged as a powerful way to achieve diversification. This is where Lifecycle Manager comes in. By serving as the bridge that connects advisors to the expanse of opportunities available in the alternatives sector, Lifecycle Manager offers unmatched value for the diversification, customization, and speed if offers on each level. With those three factors as cornerstones, Lifecycle Manager can help alleviate the stressors and risks that comes from that may come with an undiversified portfolio.

The need we have seen for intuitive navigation, consolidated information, and clear presentation of real-time data and insights has been the driving force behind the development of Lifecycle Manager. By consistently improving the delivery of these key attributes as well as our unwavering commitment to pushing forward the capabilities of technology-based solutions, Luma is the platform of choice for transacting alternative investments with confidence.

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