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Luma Financial Technologies and Yieldstreet Broaden RIA Access to Private Market Alternatives

January 19, 2024 – Luma Financial Technologies (“Luma”), an award-winning independent multi-issuer structured products and annuities platform, has expanded its partnership with Yieldstreet, a leading private market investment platform, to bring Yieldstreet’s diverse offerings to Luma’s customer base. In doing so, Luma is broadening Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) access to alternative investment products that can play a fundamental role in building a diversified portfolio.

The most prominent RIAs and broker-dealers around the world use the Luma platform to efficiently and effectively invest in alternatives, spanning from initial purchase of products to full lifecycle management, all in one place.

Through its latest collaboration with Yieldstreet, Luma users receive educational training, post-trade advisor management and reporting tools for a diverse selection of private market solutions such as real estate, private equity, art, supply chain financing, and more. These offerings are carefully selected by top-tier investment managers to cater to distinct client objectives and risk appetites.

“Undoubtedly, technology stands as the pivotal factor in democratizing access to alternative investments, empowering financial advisors to construct portfolios for their clients that include a wider range of diversified solutions,” said Tim Bonacci, CEO and President at Luma Financial Technologies. “Through the combination of Luma’s pioneering product data and analytics with Yieldstreet’s extensive array of premium private market alternative options, our users gain greater access and transparency to products that can play a key role in building multifaceted portfolios on behalf of their clients. We’re excited to continue building upon our synergies with Yieldstreet and to take yet another step forward in making alternative investments accessible to all investors.” 

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Luma Financial Technologies and bring our extensive private market investment options to their growing RIA customer base,” said Michael Weisz, CEO of Yieldstreet. “Luma shares our mission of providing greater access to institutional-quality alternative investments. Their dynamic platform combined with Yieldstreet’s rigorously evaluated offerings is a win-win for advisors seeking additional portfolio diversification strategies for their clients. We look forward to deepening our collaboration as we continue to expand access to alternative investments together.”

To date, Yieldstreet has enabled over 450,000 members to access the broadest selection of alternative asset classes, which were traditionally accessible only to institutions and high-net-worth individuals. In June 2022, the cooperative effort between Yieldstreet and Luma was initiated, using Luma’s advanced performance and portfolio analytics within Yieldstreet’s established platform. This collaboration seeks to cultivate Luma’s comprehensive, impartial, and transparent resources, allowing investors to enhance their decision-making capabilities while exploring the complete range of Income and Growth Notes offered by Yieldstreet. 

For more information on Luma Financial Technologies and their new Yieldstreet private market alternative offerings, please visit Luma’s website.

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About Luma Financial Technologies

Founded in 2018, Luma Financial Technologies (“Luma”) has pioneered a cutting-edge fintech software platform that has been adopted by broker/dealer firms, RIA offices, and private banks around the world. By using Luma, institutional and retail investors have a fully customizable, independent, buy-side technology platform that helps financial teams more efficiently learn about, research, purchase, and manage alternative investments as well as annuities.

Luma gives these users the ability to oversee the full, end-to-end process lifecycle by offering a suite of solutions. These include education resources and training materials; creation and pricing of custom structured products; electronic order entry; and post-trade management. By prioritizing transparency and ease of use, Luma is a multi-issuer, multi-wholesaler, and multi-product option that advisors can utilize to best meet their clients’ specific portfolio needs.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, Luma also has offices in New York, NY, Zurich, Switzerland, and Miami, FL. For more information, please visit Luma’s website, or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Yieldstreet

With more than 450,000 members, Yieldstreet is a leading private market investing platform, helping investors diversify their portfolios with alternative assets spanning real estate, private credit, legal finance, art, and more. The platform is differentiated by its ten asset classes, institutional due diligence standards, strong track record, and commitment to a seamless investor experience.