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SELAX Brokerage (SubGA of ECA Marketing) Enhances Annuity Transaction Efficiency Through Integration with Luma Financial Technologies

SELAX Brokerage (SubGA of ECA Marketing) Enhances Annuity Transaction Efficiency Through Integration with Luma Financial Technologies

Cincinnati, OH, January 16, 2024 – SELAX Brokerage Agency LLC (“SELAX”) (SUBGA of ECA Marketing) and its subsidiaries have engaged Luma Financial Technologies (“Luma”), the globally acclaimed alternatives and annuities platform, to provide market leading tools and resources for advisors transacting in annuities on behalf of their clients. With the addition of Luma’s technology to SELAX’s platform, advisors can now benefit from a more efficient annuity transaction process, enabling them to serve their clients’ diverse income needs more effectively.

Luma empowers financial advisors specializing in annuities by providing cutting-edge tools such as the Annuity Product Configuration and Luma Compare features, in one centralized location. With the Annuity Product Configuration, advisors can customize product features and options, tailoring solutions to precisely align with their clients’ needs. Meanwhile, Luma Compare streamlines the product discovery process, enabling advisors to efficiently compare and assess various annuity products. This ensures advisors can confidently present the most fitting and beneficial solutions to their clients.

“Since partnering with ECA, we are continuously looking for ways to strengthen our sales platform offerings for our advisors. Luma introduces unique technology to a much-needed annuity marketplace, ensuring our clients receive the highest quality of service,” said John Turner, President at SELAX Brokerage Agency LLC. Tyler Wahl, Regional Vice President at ECA Marketing, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Integrating Luma into SELAX’s platform will further support SELAX’s vision in fostering a positive advisor experience. ECA is thrilled to be partnered with a firm as dedicated to technology as SELAX is.”

Combining Luma’s technology with SELAX’s platform aligns with SELAX’s ultimate objective of providing professionals with the most efficient tools and services for all transactions and client interaction. Pairing Luma’s commitment to leading-edge annuity technology with SELAX’s dedication to improving advisor transactions sets the stage for transformative success within the annuity industry.

“Luma is proud to offer digitized annuity solutions that prioritize transparency and objectivity for financial advisors. By expanding our offerings to SELAX, advisors will gain access to our advanced tools, enhancing the ease of learning, transacting, and managing annuities. These tools are vital to navigating the dynamic and ever-evolving annuity landscape,” said Steve Acosta, Director of National Sales at Luma Financial Technologies.

About Luma Financial Technologies

Founded in 2018, Luma Financial Technologies (“Luma”) has pioneered a cutting-edge fintech software platform that has been adopted by broker/dealer firms, RIA offices, and private banks around the world. By using Luma, institutional and retail investors have a fully customizable, independent, buy-side technology platform that helps financial teams more efficiently learn about, research, purchase, and manage alternative investments as well as annuities.

Luma gives these users the ability to oversee the full, end-to-end process lifecycle by offering a suite of solutions. These include education resources and training materials; creation and pricing of custom structured products; electronic order entry; and post-trade management. By prioritizing transparency and ease of use, Luma is a multi-issuer, multi-wholesaler, and multi-product option that advisors can utilize to best meet their clients’ specific portfolio needs.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, Luma also has offices in New York, NY, Zurich, Switzerland, and Miami, FL. For more information, please visit Luma’s website, or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About SELAX Brokerage Agency, LLC

SELAX Brokerage Agency (SELAX) is a Brokerage General Agency (BGA) working with thousands of advisors in the United States. SELAX provides the efficiency of service and practice management for many independent advisors. For carriers, SELAX is primarily focused on all types of annuities but not exclusively. Other products such as life insurance, LTC, and small business group plans are available. For advisors and firms, SELAX team members will provide education on products and technology platform execution. SELAX helps with annuities and other risk management transactions while assisting or providing annuity desk support and solutions. For more information, please visit