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Creation Hub: YOUR Competitive Advantage

Recently, our CEO, Tim Bonacci, discussed how record-breaking athletes on the global stage have embraced technology and innovation to scale their performance. There is no question that technology and innovation have become central aspects of driving athletes in their training and preparation, ultimately leading to their success. By embracing technology, athletes are proving to be fully committed to their performance and competing at the highest possible level.

The same can be said for the coaches that have helped athletes achieve their goals. They, too, are leveraging technological advancements to elevate their perceived value and are helping guide their athletes down the necessary path to peak performance. Athletes and coaches alike are tracking live events, perfecting athletic movements, enhancing communications, and reducing several layers of risk.  

As a financial advisor, you may have never compared yourself to upper-echelon athletes, but when you take a step back and look at what these athletes and financial advisors strive to accomplish, the comparisons are clear. Both sets of professionals have one goal in mind: to perform at an elite level. For advisors winning means helping their client’s account perform at an elite level, while managing risk. This is the driving force that motivates a continuous push to be the best.

The financial services industry was not always on the cutting edge of technology but has recently undergone a significant sea change, driven by the rise of financial technology. There are now abundant tools that are available at an advisor’s fingertips to increase value and propel them towards their goals. The question becomes: will you embrace the technology and innovation around you to channel the competitor inside you, or will you just be participating in the game?   

Being an early adopter of technology creates a sizeable competitive advantage versus those who are not embracing it. This is a vital attribute for advisors who are achieving success and standing out in an extremely crowded field.   

Luma’s Creation Hub is the perfect example of how advisors can use technology to create their own competitive advantage and increase their value-add to clients. This module, which lives within the wholly objective Luma platform, provides advisors with the ability to conduct their own price discovery during the deal origination and selection process. It brings together state-of-the-art estimate pricing, analytics, and direct issuer access, so advisors can assess opportunities and action ideas that match individual investment views, in a cost-effective and efficient manner. In essence, the Creation Hub streamlines a customizable workflow that connects users directly with leading issuers, eliminating the time-consuming and manual processes that exist today.

The Creation Hub also centralizes a vast selection of customizable product solutions so advisors can select and structure the strategies that best align with their clients’ individual goals and risk tolerance – giving advisors the competitive advantage to stand out as leading financial experts.

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Does such a competitive advantage sound familiar? Why yes, managing goals and risk is exactly what athletes are incorporating technology for. Whether it’s to reduce the risk of injury, or accomplish the goal of winning a championship, technology is making a difference.

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