Luma Insights:

What do Record Breakers and Top Financial Advisors Have in Common?

As we watch athletes compete on the global stage, it’s hard not to be amazed at the record-breaking performances. How is it that year after year, athletes continue to improve upon records that seemed insurmountable just a decade ago?

There’s no doubt that arduous training and the science of nutrition play a big part. But innovation and technology are central to athletic success as well.  An article in Popular Science once reported that records are most often broken “as new technologies are adopted.” Over time, innovations have evolved to include jumping chest up instead of chest down to transform the high jump, to the impact of carbon fiber bike frames.

Today, developments in wearable training technology have completely changed how athletes and their coaches monitor the slightest of movements in the quest for victory. Even 3-D printed, customized shoes and uniforms are in play.

There’s no doubt: Innovation is at the core of high performance. Record-breaking performers seeking the competitive advantage often combine superior training techniques with technology to reach new heights – sometimes literally.

This speaks to financial advisors seeking to achieve their own peak performance – advisors that seek to serve clients with so much added value that they don’t just stand out in a crowded field, they lead.

How can advisors today embrace innovation to drive their own competitive advantage and achieve peak performance? By using technology to harness the power of objectivity and unleash their full potential.

Objectivity through Technology: The Game Changer

Doing what’s best for the client is the financial advisors’ creed. Critical to this promise is the ability for financial advisors to create customized solutions that meet each client’s unique challenge. And that requires objectivity: Advisors need to be able to directly compare products, fees, structures and more on an objective basis so they can act in their client’s best interest.

Enter technology – the great game changer. In an increasingly improving world where the competition is fierce and unrelenting, financial advisors seeking to gain and maintain their competitive advantage turn to technology to unleash their full potential.

At Luma, our innovative fintech platform helps advisors compete to win at the highest level because we are built around one mission – deliver the power of objectivity. We provide fully objective, completely transparent access to annuities and alternative investment solutions including structured products.

Our ability to innovate around objectivity doesn’t just give us a competitive advantage, it makes us the competitive advantage for financial advisors seeking to lead.

To discover more about Luma’s game changing objectivity as the leading global platform for structured products and annuities, click here.

We believe innovation is nothing without execution. A groundbreaking new bike is nothing without having riders able to use it. Which is why we focus on innovation and execution, to create powerful new solutions and work with financial advisors to understand and grasp the opportunity to perform at the highest levels.

There’s no doubt that innovation will continue to propel athletes to record-breaking performances. It’s also true that innovation will continue to propel financial advisors to new heights of performance through high-value, customized solutions for clients.

If you want the competitive advantage to win, talk to us. Let’s break some records together.