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Tracking Post-Sales Events with Luma

Luma Lifecycle Manager Event Notifications

Tracking important performance data about structured products used to be a complicated and time-consuming endeavor, in large part due to the process relying so heavily on manual information management. Chasing down all of the pertinent data could be time prohibitive to the point that many advisors hesitated to incorporate this class of financial instruments into their portfolios.

Financial technology has transformed the structured product market by streamlining the entire process from start to finish. Luma’s data-driven platform automates critical steps along your structured product pathway from placing orders, to bringing the information you need to track those products on screen or directly to your inbox – no chasing required.

All structured product purchases made through Luma are automatically incorporated into Lifecycle Manager, where all of your essential performance data is at your fingertips. As opposed to the inefficient manual methods for product monitoring that used to be the standard, Lifecycle Manager contains configurable components that make charting, product pages, and risk/exposure data accessible whenever you need it.

In addition to being able to view and track your structured products’ in our platform, Luma provides fully automated solutions to help ensure advisors never miss a key lifecycle event through configurable calendar integrations and notifications. These features allow you to add all key post-sales activity alerts such as maturity dates, call tracking, proximity alerts, coupon payments, and more directly to your calendar, inbox, or both, freeing up your time while keeping you informed.

Luma’s technology eliminates the need to manually track individual CUSIPs or ISINs, keeps you updated on all post-sales events, and has features that suggest re-investment options to easily identify new opportunities for your clients. These solutions proactively review information with your clients and equip you to make the most informed decisions about next steps on all of your structured product transactions.

Elevate your services and never miss a post-sales opportunity with Luma’s Lifecycle Manager.
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