Luma Insights:

How Financial Advisors Can Elevate their Investments Business with Fintech from Home

During this time of uncertainty, advisors are continuing to seek new ways to ease anxiety and elevate their exceptional value-add services for clients. While this uncertainty can be taxing due to heightened stress and difficult client conversations – all while working remotely – it doesn’t have to be. In fact, working from home does not impede your ability to explore new investment opportunities largely facilitated through technology and online fintech platforms.

Fintech platforms can improve your investments business by giving you the ability to add value that sets you apart. Many platforms are designed to make your life easier by simplifying processes and automating tasks that otherwise require heavy data-entry and multiple rounds of communications. Additionally, platforms provide interactive training resources and order management functionality that not only address bespoke compliance needs, but also simplify the learning process to begin exploring new investment opportunities.

In fact, for many advisors it’s the desire to learn about new investment solutions that lead them to explore our platform. Luma simplifies structured product investments so advisors can easily elevate their value-add services by introducing solutions for their client portfolios.

If your firm transacts in structured products and you already use Luma, you have everything you need to learn about and introduce these types of financial vehicles to your clients, all within a compliance-enabled environment. 

As you know, financial advisors are bound by the same rules and regulations set by their broker/dealer regardless of whether they work at home or in the office. Luma connects compliance, program managers, financial advisors, and clients – with rules in place to protect the entire process. And since the platform is cloud-based, it can be accessed from any location. Any new issues on a platform have been pre-approved; all documentation is available, including performance information and the lifecycle of a trade all within a simplified workflow.

You don’t have to be in the office to offer your clients exceptional, value-add service. With Luma, even when working from home you can help your clients understand and benefit from structured product solutions. In doing so, you’re setting yourself apart as an advisor of the future, focused on delivering high value-add service that seeks to help your clients achieve their goals with peace of mind, especially in times of crisis.

As we continue to improve our remote operations and focus our collective efforts on the battle at hand, we will prevail and eventually return to our offices and enjoy the in-person camaraderie of our friends and colleagues. In the meantime, your clients have goals to achieve. It’s up to all of us to work as effectively as we can, from home for now, to help your clients enjoy a brighter future, because there is a brighter future ahead.

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