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4 Tips to Successfully Market Structured Products

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Because structured products are complex, advisors often have a hard time explaining the unique benefits of these financial vehicles along with the risks they carry. Even the simplest form of structured product – a market-linked CD – can become rather complex. One way to overcome this challenge is through clear, well-written marketing collateral. Marketing collateral is important when you are trying to sell structured products. 

Here are 4 tips to help improve sales with structured product marketing materials:

 1. Create a library of well-designed handouts
Well-designed handouts are essential to selling complex investment products. Many clients will want this kind of resource they can review and likely even re-read later on their own. These brochures should be polished and high quality since they are an extension of your brand and reputation. In a study conducted by smallbiztrends, 9 out of 10 customers said that the quality of printed materials is an indication of the quality of service the business provides.

2. Address frequently asked questions
As your client’s expert on investment products, it’s ideal for you to have ready answers to the most commonly asked questions about structured products. For example, clients often ask about “Statement Value” for a market-linked CD, especially when the reported figure is lower than their initial investment. Providing handouts on specific questions like this increases your client’s confidence in you, demonstrates a high level of understanding, and strengthens your relationship.

3. Use video
In addition to presentations and tangible collateral pieces, video is a powerful marketing tool that advisors are integrating into their marketing strategy. According to Wirebuzz, brands that use video marketing grow their year-over-year revenue 49% faster than brands that don’t. Additionally, by utilizing video, advisors can more easily communicate complex messages and increase their audience reach. With the rise and rapid growth of social media video channels such as YouTube, many advisors have already begun to see the success of including video in their marketing strategy.  

4. Ensure easy access and distribution for your organization Even the best marketing brochures won’t be helpful if advisors can’t access them to share with and distribute to customers.  Always having the latest, approved content will help advisors with customer education and, ultimately, sales success. In addition, having a common library of content ensures that messaging is consistent from one advisor to the next.

Bonus Tip!

Using these recommendations to generate great content can also help advisors better leverage social media. As marketers often say, content is king! By ensuring access to high quality, useful content, advisors that are interested in utilizing LinkedIn, Facebook or even YouTube will have the kind of material that is needed to attract prospective customers. It does work! We have seen the use of marketing videos provided through our platform to drive YouTube traffic for one of our Luma users.

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