Luma Insights:

How Luma Improves Control and Compliance

Luma To Improve Control and Compliance

Through advanced financial technology solutions, more and more banks and broker-dealers are saving time and improving control and compliance. This trend has now extended into structured products. With our Luma platform, banks and broker-dealers are able to set customized product parameters, issue approved product lists to all advisors, manage and review all trades, and see rep activity all in one system. 

Product approval made easy:

We designed the order-entry system with control and compliance being a top priority. Luma integrates into the trade approval process and gives Product Managers the ability to see  and track orders, file attachments, and risk assessments all from one screen. 

The order entry system at a glance:

  • Customized order approval process allows you to track orders from entry through approval
  • Separate and customized login available for Product Managers
  • Trade approval logs
  • Acknowledgment check boxes to improve compliance and create reminders 
  • File management system – Luma users can upload and preview file attachments 

Luma’s advanced Order Entry System provides a simplified, user-friendly alternative for structured product trade entry. Nearly all fields on our custom order-entry system are pre-populated, leaving only two simple entries. Client-placement trades are completely automated through Luma’s integration into custodian trade-entry systems. This saves time and reduces your chance for error. Easily view, track, and export all orders in one location. Trade information is sortable by any input field, streamlining volume tracking and reconciliation. Luma’s service performs product research and due diligence allowing banks and broker/dealers to quickly compare and analyze all structures in the broad marketplace. This research helps ensure suitability of products for a given program’s client base.

Separate logins and capabilities for Product Managers and Registered Reps:

Product Manager View

Product Managers have the capability to manage files, trade approval logs and orders. This includes direct download and upload options for handling files and orders, historical logs for approval and compliance.

Registered Rep View

Registered Reps have limited functionality (compared to Product Managers) to help increase efficiency and ease. They can directly upload files, see the historical logs, and place orders for Product Managers to review.

About Luma:

Luma is an independent, multi-issuer platform that provides banks and broker/dealers with a fully-customizable, order entry system. Registered users can login to access a wide-array of content designed and tailored specifically for your firm. Our education and training system helps advisors maximize their sales and marketing efforts to provide the best purchasing options for their clients. Moreover, our post sales support provides life cycle support to ensure that advisors and clients are maximizing their purchases. 

This information is for distribution to institutional clients and is for broker-dealer use only. It is not intended to be distributed to individual retail clients.  Any material provided is for information only and is not intended as a recommendation or an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security or financial instrument.