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Luma and Morningstar: A Video Explainer from Morningstar’s Investment Conference

At Luma, we are providing greater transparency and awareness to structured notes, the benefits of these products, as well as streamlining their accessibility.

We recently collaborated with Morningstar to deliver unmatched data and analytics for structured notes and market-linked CD’s, to users of their Advisor Workstation systems. Through the data and analytics we provide, Morningstar Advisor Workstation users can test various asset allocation combinations and see the overall impact structured notes can have on a client’s portfolio. This allows them to efficiently and confidently implement structured notes into their overall portfolio asset allocation models, while taking full advantage of the unique risk return metrics that this product set can generate.

Want to learn more about our collaboration with Morningstar and how Luma continues to transform the alternatives marketplace for investors around the world?

Check out the video below: