Luma Insights:

Market-Linked Investments: Luma’s Mission to Education and Transparency

Market-linked investments advisors elevate their services by providing additional risk-managed solutions to their clients. While the industry is increasingly embracing these financial vehicles, some advisors still shy away from maximizing their product offerings due to the lack of available resources. Luma’s mission is to illuminate market-linked investment solutions to increase transparency and objectivity, leading more advisors to fully utilize these options to benefit their clients. 

To help support our mission, we have enhanced all our educational content and introduced several new learning elements to our platform and client support:

New and Enhanced Videos

Understanding the product details of all market-linked investments can be a challenge even for the most senior financial professional. Luma is committed to removing this challenge and to start, we have enhanced every product educational video in our platform. Additionally, we have introduced several new videos to ensure financial professionals have access to content that helps them fully leverage every product that Luma supports.

How to Guides

New systems and technology improve processes and increase efficiencies with product workflows. However, adopting a new system can be a time-consuming task. Luma was built by advisors, for advisors, and to that point, we have introduced new in-app guides, prompts, and walk-throughs that further aligns with our mission of simplifying managing market-linked investments.

Client Services Support:

Our client service team is dedicated to ensuring Luma’s users have full support throughout their entire experience with our platform. Whether it’s a quick email, a phone call, or meeting, our team of platform specialists are available to make sure all users can quickly get the help and answers they need. This is a free service Luma offers to all our clients.

Education is one of the most empowering forces in the world. By enlightening financial advisors about various products and industry insights, Luma hopes to build advisors’ knowledge, increase confidence, and break down barriers to greater opportunities.