Luma Insights:

Nassau Financial Group Podcast: Using Technology to Accelerate the Advisor Journey

Luma’s Founder and CEO, Tim Bonacci, met with Paul Tyler and Laura Haber on the Nassau Financial Group podcast to discuss how technology is helping the advisor universe to better serve their clients, as well as Luma’s evolution into a market leading financial technology platform on a global scale. 

Tim recalls his own experience in the financial product space prior to founding Luma Financial Technologies and the opportunities he saw for technology to play a role in that realm. As someone who was entrenched in the industry, Tim’s experience with the complexities of transacting in structured products actually inspired the creation of Luma and its technology which is designed to simplify those transactions. Hear some of his thoughts on how technology has changed advisors’ ability to manage portfolios, manage complex financial products, and serve their network of clients by speeding up the transaction cycle from the previously heavily manual process. 

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