Luma Insights:

How Luma’s Technology Drives Structured Product Innovations

Luma's Financial Technology

Fintech is the convergence of finance and technology, where cutting-edge, innovative solutions are created. The impact of technology on the world of finance is undeniable. From making basic transactions to regulation and compliance management to automating entire workflows, technology is changing all aspects of finance. With that in mind, we built Luma to make things better for financial professionals. When it comes to structured products, Luma’s user-friendly technology simplifies the path from concept to completion by offering a comprehensive approach to learning about, constructing, managing, and monitoring the investment progress throughout its development.

Increased Accessibility to Structured Products

Technology opens doors and expands our reach in finance. Luma’s robust Product Marketplace offers a single point of access to structured products, all pre-approved by your firm and all within one easy-to-use platform. No more searching through emails, scanning spreadsheets or relying on multiple sources of information and data to research and transact in structured products.

Luma’s Creation Hub features state-of-the-art technology that empowers financial advisors to create, assess, and modify their own custom client solutions through a configurable workflow that streamlines processes and connects directly to leading world-class issuers. Additionally, Luma offers up a wealth of data and analytics, another benefit of technology, to help guide you from initial design to post-trade. You can also leverage these real-time analytics to evaluate new product solutions for your clients.

Simplifying the Complex World of Product Management

Tools created through technology over the years have made what used to be a long and complex process, quick and simple. Gone are the days of managing performance manually on spreadsheets, faxing documents and managing multiple calendars and emails. Products traded through the platform are automatically tracked in Luma’s Lifecycle Manager, another example of how our technology simplifies managing structured products. Here, you can quickly access product details, performance reports, term sheets, and analytics to more easily manage transactions. Automation allows you to organize each product and set notifications to alert you about upcoming events related to your holdings.

Endless Opportunities to Expand, Grow, and Simplify Compliance Needs

The technology behind Luma’s fintech not only works to simplify the complexities of finance but also provides opportunities to expand your knowledge of financial trends and products. Luma offers a Learning Center which provides education and selling resources to empower financial professionals to more efficiently manage and sell structured products. With access to a wide variety of resources in our Learning Center, it’s quick and easy to ensure you not only stay compliant, but also have the information you need to build new offerings for you clients when and where you need it. Complete all required certifications, equip yourself with updates and information, and get started on the next steps toward growing the menu of products you can offer.

More confidently present your clients the best options thanks to short product education videos in the Learning Center. Leverage your new knowledge to uniquely match your client’s unique investment needs and elevate your services as their trusted financial advisor.

Short on time? You can customize Luma to fit your learning style and prioritize your needs. Complete your required training as necessary, but maintain 24/7 access to the resources and education that allows you to expand your offerings as you have time.

Product managers also benefit for the simplicity offered by Luma’s technology. In addition to a fully customizable order entry system, Luma can place product sets behind educational barriers, giving firms the control to restrict access until required educational standards have been met and tracked – all of which happens in the Luma platform.

No Two Technologies are the Same

Luma is leading the way in structured products with our advanced technology. Our platform is created by financial professionals, for financial professionals. And while technology drives Luma, we’re buy-side focused and continue to make updates and improvements that make it easy for financial professionals to learn, buy, create and track structured products.

While technology has broad applications, including the software and development behind the Luma platform, people are at the core of our work. At Luma, we strive to create simple solutions to complex problems. Behind our technology, you’ll meet a team of experts who understand the complexities of structured products and present clear and simple solutions that help our users. And as an objective platform, all issuers are treated equally. Technology allows us to create tools to ensure suitability and provide the best execution for financial professionals and their clients. From a robust order-entry system and custom deal technology to integrated analytics, our goal is to streamline and simplify all aspects of market-linked investments.

Discover why our technology has earned industry awards such as our recent designation as Best Structured Product Technological Solution by Structured Retail Products.