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Financial professionals can now leverage Luma within the Brasil market to access thousands of products through a unified one-stop-shop experience. This integrated approach minimizes confusion, quickens product distribution, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Luma Brazil was designed to scale the Flex Options Market (“Mercado de Opções Flex”), the fast-growing unfunded structured options market in Brasil.

Key Benefits As Your End-To-End Solution For Simplifying Alternative Investments.

Gain your competitive edge with Luma Financial Technologies, your go-to platform embraced by institutions and financial professionals worldwide.

Luma delivers a fully customizable, independent buy-side technology solution to effortlessly discover, research, purchase, and manage alternative investments with unparalleled efficiency.

Balanced & unbiased investment marketplace

Fully customizable experience

Compliance and suitability configurations

Ongoing and personalized support

Industry-leading innovation & solutions

Buy-side focus

Scale Your business with Innovative Tech

Optimize distribution, sales, and client interactions with Luma. Financial advisors now benefit from instant order processing and delivery, boosting speed and efficiency. Improve scalability via user-friendly operations – identify, select, and purchase products seamlessly, using enhanced workflows to save time and enhance the client journey.

On-Demand Public Access for End Users

Leverage Luma’s cutting-edge fintech capabilities to optimize your client communications. Email your clients directly from Luma with immediate, on-demand access to tailored product offerings, complete with direct links to mobile-friendly fact sheets and secure order entry screens. Impress clients with the efficiency and ease of your financial operations.

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