Release Notes

Release Notes

Date of Release: 01/16/2020

Luma has released additional functionality and interface enhancements to the platform. In Lifecycle Manager, we have introduced new functionality that improves how users interact and manage their data. In Creation Hub, managers have access to additional controls that can restrict specific issuer access for their teams.

Lifecycle Manager

Mark to Market Valuations

Luma is now providing market to market prices for products in the Luma platform. Users will have access to both their current EoD level as well as historical levels for their purchases overlaid on the underlier history charts. This is now available on the enhanced LM grid as well as the product detail page.

New Grouping Functionality

We have introduced new controls that can group all landing page elements to the Calendar Grid to see metrics based on upcoming events. Users can now see exactly how much notional of which product types will mature in the next day, week, or month. Tying the calendar to the grid also ensures you can easily find your products with upcoming events in the grid as you will see a smaller set of products already filtered by what your calendar shows.

Product Data Table Improvements

Users can now organize their products and access additional details within the Product Data Table. By selecting View Performance, users can expand and view the Product Life to Date (mark to market value, proximities) to quickly view information from one screen.

Creation Hub

Advisor Split Issuer

Admins can now set privileges for advisors to send requests directly to issuers and control which issuers their advisors can access.

Creating Requests by Program Level

Upon creating requests users can select the programs they want the newly created requests to be sent to. Users can also be selected and grouped together for multiple programs.

Additional Enhancements to Creation Hub

Lock Notional has been changed to Finalize Notional
The Lock Notional selection has been updated to Finalize Notional. This appears in email notifications and during the Preliminary Distribute Document stage during the workflow.

Add Desk Column and Filter to Issuer Grid
We’ve introduced new functionality for issuers to filter by desks on the Request History screen.

Add Call Observation Frequency to New Request Email and Format Changes
We’ve added new information to the New Request email to issuers. This information includes Observation Frequency under the Product Details section.

Calendar Section to Download Bulk Unquoted Requests
This release includes a new download option for issuers. Issuers can filter by start and end date while downloading bulk unquoted requests.

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