Luma Compare: Structured Products

Discover Simple Solutions with Luma Compare

Tools created through technology, including Luma Compare: Structured Products, have made what used to be a long and complex process, quick and simple. Advisors no longer need to individually request product pricing or manually track and compare product information through spreadsheets. Luma Compare allows advisors to make more informed, data-driven decisions, while also increasing compliance and suitability.

Simplifying the Complex

Structured products are complex, but Luma’s new comparison tool simplifies the process through innovation and technology. After you select your potential products, easily compare options in three simple steps.


Compare and evaluate through Luma’s data and analytics


Identify the right structured products for your client


Manage assets and client portfolios

What’s Next?

Our platform is constantly improving with new features, enhancements and product offerings, including with Luma Compare: Structured Products. Stay tuned for more value-added updates to this new feature!

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