An Easier Way to Incorporate Market-Linked Investments in Your Portfolios

Market-linked investments provide a complementary element to enhance risk-reward tradeoffs in any portfolio. Through Luma, they are easy to create, easy to purchase and easy to support. Find out more about how Luma can help you utilize market-linked investments effectively for your book of business.


Luma Simplifies
Market-Linked Investments

Like many other alternative asset classes, market-linked investments have
unique operational & lifecycle features.

Luma automates product creation and simplifies the full life-cycle of the product from
order-entry to performance and event tracking.


Explore and Compare

Explore new opportunities with Luma’s Product Marketplace.  The Marketplace integrates directly into an investment firm’s order-entry workflow, expediting processes and offering a comprehensiveview into comparable products and available offerings.


Create and Automate

Easily create your own custom structure or view and place indications in monthly best-efforts offerings from 13 different issuers. Either way, the entire creation and purchase process has been streamlined making these transactions much more efficient for advisors and investment firms.


Manage and Report

Luma’s Lifecycle Manager provides an overview of advisors’ books of business. Product notifications are sent directly to your inbox, so advisors never have to worry about missing a lifecycle event such as coupon payments, maturity or call review dates.  

Create Your Own Custom Structures

Choose from leading issuers to create the perfect investment opportunity.

The Product Creation Tool allows advisors to easily construct and customize their own market-linked investment. The process for initiating custom structures is now more efficient, requiring only three steps and removing the need for numerous spreadsheets, emails and phone calls. Easily auction pricing requests across 13 issuers to ensure best practices.

Select The Product Type

Select the product underlying information including the wrapper and product type.

Choose the Deal Terms

Fill in the product variables while considering the summary.

Confirm and Submit

Finish with operational information including: trade date, upfront fees (if applicable), and issuers to auction

Never Miss a Post-Sales Event

Luma’s automated notification system alerts advisors everytime they log into Luma.

Lifecycle Manager brings together all product information necessary to monitor each trade: documents, event history, similar available offerings, education, hypothetical return charts, principal at risk and total notional outstanding by account data, and upcoming lifecycle events with projections. This detailed data is then presented in a lifecycle grid screen that combines all live deals into an easy-to-read view of an advisor’s entire market-linked investment portfolio.



Luma’s innovative platform automatically alerts you to upcoming maturity dates and suggests re-investment opportunities.



Product callability tracking streamlines lifecycle management freeing up time to focus on client relationships and helping them secure a stronger financial future.



Luma’s alerts provide an overview of all upcoming coupon payments from one screen.

Are you ready for
an easier 
experience with market-linked products?

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